Cutting Hair and Bad Habits

I was asked by my date this past weekend, what happens when I do not wear a headband on my hair. This never bothers me, as I have been receiving numerous questions about my hair since I went natural in October 2008.

Cutting my hair was a step towards a healthier me. After dating someone who was really into eating right, exercising, and caring a lot about what went into their body, I became a lot more conscious of my own habits.

My mother’s immediate reaction to cutting my hair was, “you won’t look THAT bad. You had good hair as a kid, and you have a round face.” I love how she justifies most of my hair decisions with having the right face to fit it.

My last relaxer was end of May 2008. I remember this because it was right before the Sex and the City release, and I was going as Carrie. No one asked about my hair when it was straight, but now I get a ton of reactions–good, bad, and shear curiosity.

Many Black women ask why I cut my hair, how was the process, etc. I cut my hair because I wanted to have healthier hair, no harmful chemicals anywhere near my body (…for the most part. I still relapse with occasional Buffalo Wild Wings), and I wanted to workout on any given day. Bikram and relaxed hair do not mix.

Since going natural, I eat better and use only natural/non-paraben products in my hair. Coconut oil is the only moisturizer I use at this point. It is cheap and good for me.

The process of deciding to cut my hair, all the way to celebrating over one year of natural hair, has been a self-discovery of sorts. It was this journey that made me love myself even more, and accept me in my body, the way I was made. There is nothing like waking up in the morning and rejoicing over sticking to my decision. It was truly the best decision I have ever made.


~ by Shalena on January 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Cutting Hair and Bad Habits”

  1. Great piece… Just for the record “natural” is the way to go for sure, I find it much more attractive of a look. Sadly it isn’t the most popular of choices amongst black women. Why is this the case? Society/the need to conform to “a look?”

    After giving this some thought last night, I’m a bit hesitant to even admit, that the un-natural look is the reason why I do not find a majority of black women as attractive as those of other races, at least at first glance.

    I am a male, and my opinion shouldn’t matter to the random women walking down the street or in a bar about how she looks. Who cares as long as she’s comfortable? I know hair is important to women, I may understand this a bit more then the average male having grown up in my mother’s salon. I don’t know though, I’m just a guy & that was my two cents…

  2. I decided to go natural after I noticed that my hairline was receding and my hair was breaking way too much. I reasoned that it was because the perm was damagaing the hairline because the new hair was not able to grow fully. I don’t regret the decision to grow it out because I also think that it is the reason why my skin is even more clearer and has less pimples than it used to.

    The only problem that I have with it is it’s thickness and the difficulty to make it look decent on a regular basis. (My hair has always been problematic since I was a child) and I think this is why a lot of black women perm their hair. It is simple to manage and handle than it would be if it was natural (I get made fun of having don king hair when I’m trying to comb it…). But it grows quickly. My scalp is being rested because it does not have any chemicals or foreign materials in it. And I feel good about.

    Some black men can appreciate the natural beauty of a black woman, while others appreciate the emphasis a black woman tries to make herself look beautiful by putting in weave or getting it relaxed. It all depends on who you are and what you think is best for yourself and if someone happens to find it interesting that someone like me does not have relaxer in my hair, then all the better for me…because my hair is not the only thing that makes me an interesting person to talk to.

  3. These comments are quite long… i just wanted to say… I enjoyed patting your hair on Saturday… That is all

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